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Our Services

As our company name implies, Builders Technical Services offers a full turnkey solution to your entire project. This includes utilities, earthwork, excavation, concrete construction and interiors.

What We Do

Within all of our projects, Builder Technical Services emphasizes the highest levels of safety, quality, construction economics and schedule compliance. We make the entire process an enjoyable building experience for all those involved.

Since all projects are managed by us, we utilize the most detailed management people that we can find. These are also the most self conscience individuals when it comes to safety, in and around the job site. In fact, safety is a constant when it comes to all of our projects. Not having a missed job time in our existence makes our construction costs the most economical in the industry.

Our services include but are not limited to:
Contractor Services Construction Management Design/Permits/Cost Analysis Project Site Analysis Building Construction

Prior to any construction contract, an all inclusive construction cost with an accompanying scope of work is identified. This way we can deliver an efficient solution that makes our project stand out from our competitors. Since we are a services company, we try our best to stay within budget, however unless the owner increases the scope of work, most change orders will be avoided.

Our main focus will be to:
  • Satisfy the Clients Quality
  • Show Performance and Service
  • Keep Our Schedules
  • Maintain Cost Expectations
  • Satisfy All Governing Code Requirements